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Our Country Master Stockist
  • Selling price per item of product = 125 iCash (5 iCash rebate)
  • Does not include shipping fee nor Import tax nor VAT
  • Company requirements
  1. Must provide PT Bio Organik Nusantara (Biogreen Science) with a minimum deposit of USD 100,000 and our company will provide a stock of products in a consignment model and also give $100,000 iCash in return.
  2. Must have an office and a complete team of staffs for administration, shipment, money withdrawal and self-pickup services of products.
  3. Must have a valid Import license, especially for food and supplements and must register each product in your Country legally.
  4. Must understand your local tax and food regulations.
  5. Must understand MLM regulations, its legality, and must be able to register Biogreen Science legally in your respective countries.
  6. Must develop active network of leaders and distributors to expand Biogreen Science in your respective countries.
  7. Country Stockist must write a formal letter and statement asking Biogreen Science to provide all documentations needed for all the necessary legal paper works in your country.
Terms & Conditions
  • The Country Stockist's gross revenue must reach a minimum 500,000 iCash in 6 months or 1 million iCash in 1 year. If the Country Stockist cannot achieve this target, Biogreen has the right to appoint a new Country Stockist.
  • Biogreen HQ does not bear any liability for the import documents, Import tax, and VAT which will paid by the Country Stockist, and later added into the product price. When it comes to the end of the month, Biogreen will pay back the import fees and VAT through the Country Stockist.
  • Income tax, yearly tax, utilities and employee salary shall be handled by Country Stockist because this is a consignment business model.
  • 1 iCash = $ 1 USD
Terms & Conditions
  • Have deposit minimum 50,000 iCash and the company will give stock of product as consignment model.
  • Consignment Stockist is a collaboration between individual (member) with Biogreen Science company for a better and faster goods distribution in certain areas.
  • Consignment through Self-Pick Up in Consigment Stockist can be done by Biogreen Science members who are in the city with Stockist.
  • Members of any area can do self-pickup in any city that has a Consignment Stockist. For example: even if you are part of Jakarta network, you can do Self-Pick Up in Medan if you want.
  • Consignment Stockist may help data inputting if new members in those areas do not understand how to do data inputting and goods collection in Consignment Stockist.
  • Consignment Stockist may help the delivery of products to a particular area at a price set by Consignment Stockist.
  • Price set by each Consignment Stockist for package of Silver, Gold, or Platinum may be different as transport cost of each region is different.
  • All lost or damaged products during transportation are not the responsibility of head Biogreen Science; however, member has the right to settle with Consignment Stockist if there are product which are undelivered or lost, as well as if the damaged boxes are not the responsibility of Consignment Stockist.
  • Consignment Stockist is Biogreen Science member, which is trusted by the company and collaborated in product distribution and is not a responsibility for Consignment Stockist to serve presentation or any other activities that is cross lining in nature.
  • Cross lining and Undercutting action will cause membership status termination or temporary or permanent suspension.
  • For all Consignment Stockist's staff, they must be trained by the head office staff.
  • Consignment Stockist should have an office or a store for self pick up transaction.
Terms & Conditions
  • A Mobile Stockist is a Biogreen member who buys product as many as 200 boxes to the companies.
  • Price per box is $143 iCash x Mobile Stockist rate of Rp. 11,500 per iCash.
  • A Mobile Stockist may sell iRegister to anyone who wants to take the product directly from the Mobile Stockist using the price set by Biogreen which is Rp. 12,000 per iCash.
  • A Mobile Stockist cannot give services to members who are joining with iCash for they have to take goods from the Company or Consignment Stockist.
  • A Mobile Stockist has the right to refuse helping with a presentation if the presentation is not within one network due to cross-lining.
  • Any action connected with cross-lining or selling below the price specified by the company will result in dismissal.
Stockist Consignment
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