The Leading of Healthy and Beauty Product Company in Indonesia (EN)
  1. Must provide PT Bio Organik Nusantara (Biogreen Science) with a minimum deposit of USD 100,000 and our company will provide a stock of products in a consignment model and also give $100,000 iCash in return.
  2. Must have an office and a complete team of staffs for administration, shipment, money withdrawal and self-pickup services of products.
  3. Must have a valid Import license, especially for food and supplements and must register each product in your Country legally.
  4. Must understand your local tax and food regulations.
  5. Must understand MLM regulations, its legality, and must be able to register Biogreen Science legally in your respective countries.
  6. Must develop active network of leaders and distributors to expand Biogreen Science in your respective countries.
  7. Country Stockist must write a formal letter and statement asking Biogreen Science to provide all documentations needed for all the necessary legal paper works in your country.
Terms & Conditions
Country Master Stockist

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Accra, Ghana-Africa

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