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The Man with a Heart of Gold

The Man with a Heart of Gold

The Man with a Heart of Gold

"Please continue to spread the good news; to help people in the Philippines and other countries. Persistence and good time and product management will make sure everything works smoothly. "

Romeo Tagorda is a special figure for Biogreen. The 48-year-old man, who also the father of 4 children, is Biogreen's business pioneer in the Philippines.

There have been many success stories of Romeo with Biogreen since joining on January 2015. Beside made him buy a new car and has a good savings, Romeo also successfully made sure all of his children get the best private education (two of his children have graduated from college).

"Everything I have now is a blessing from Biogreen, that's why I love Biogreen"

Michael's success story, Romeo's partner, becomes the source of his motivation. Michel, who succeeded in skyrocketing from nothing to the point of being rich and becoming a good leader, burned Romeo's enthusiasm to continue helping people succeed and prosper.

His colleagues who have strong will but are less fortunate in life are targeted by Romeo. He did not hesitate to provide training and motivation for them.

Throughout his career, Romeo met many different types of people; some are rich and some are not. That made him realize that there were so many problems in this world. His work with Biogreen forged Romeo into a flexible figure and made him capable of being a good listener.

Romeo is also very grateful to Mr. Larry Widjaja as the owner of Biogreen for helping people in the Philippines.

"We will continue to grow, grow and grow. Every day we hope that Mr. Widjaja can come to the Philippines. We are waiting for his arrival"



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Leader of the month

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