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Alfried Nofairens Gaghansa &Christy Pingkan Senduk

Leader ofThe Month


"Our problem is not a shortcoming, our problem is less powerful defeating our ego"

The Power of Consistency

“The Power of Consistency”

This time, Biogreen Science had a chance to interview Alfried Nofairens Gaghansa and Mrs. Christy Pingkan Senduk. Mr. Nofairens joined Biogreen Science from October 13th 2014 which is really historical for him. At the beginning, Mr. Lianto offered him to join Biogreen on June 2014. However, he was not interested and avoid Mr. Lianto for 4 months because, he didn’t like MLM business. However, he became interested to do it at October. At first, he didn’t told his wife that he joined Biogreen. 4 months later, he decided to make a presentation to his wife.

Mr. Nofairens introduced Biogreen Science to his wife when she was in 5 month pregnancy. At first, she was not agree to join just like other people. However, she changed her mind after experience the efficacy of Applesc. After the presentation, she agree to join and both Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk agreed to introduce Biogreen Science in Manado. Mr. Nofairens decided to discuss it with Mr. Lianto and he agreed.

Based on Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk’s opinion, Mr. Samuel Lianto is an extraordinary leader. While doing the business, Mr. Lianto always helped them when they faced trouble. With Mr. Lianto’s big spirit, either Mrs. Senduk and Mr. Nofairens can solved their problem and regain their spirit in doing the business. Besides, Mr. Lianto also had a commitment to make them achieve success. Although he had join Biogreen Science at October 2014, Mr. Alfred started to focus in doing his business on February 2015. 8 months later, he can buy 1 unit of car as a result from his business. Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk felt really grateful, because they finally can buy a car. In doing the business, both Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk have motivation to spread an information about the product’s efficacy and business of Biogreen Science.

From Biogreen Science, both Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk learn how to be consistence which is inspired by the Founder and CEO of Biogreen Science, Mr. Larry Widjaja where he said that many people can earn many things from Biogreen Science. Therefore, Mr. Nofairens understand that Biogreen can bring him and anyone to get better life. Mr. Nofairens thought that Biogreen Science business is serious and exemplary business. It can be seen from Mr. Larry, Mr. Sam where, Mr. Sam help them by giving training to many people about motivation. While doing the business, there are many problems faced by Mr. Nofairens like, people’s assumption about his business. Besides, his wife was also considered as deviant because, she trusted the product too much. However, she can explain the product’s ingredient where it is made from natural ingredient which come also from God too.

Mr. Nofairens also said that blaming your fate is useless and it doesn’t bring you anywhere. Based on Mr. Sam’s opinion, there are 4 things to fight for, passion, persistence, optimism, and opportunity. In the end, Mr. Nofairens and Mrs. Senduk said that “Our problem is not deficiency, our problem is we are not strong enough to defeat our ego”



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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Life in my life is doing everything honestly and sincerely so that everything is a blessing

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