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"Pick the right company that can bring you to sucsess"

The Man with Strong Integrity and Heart

“The Man with Strong Integrity and Heart”

This time, Biogreen Science team had an opportunity to interview Mr. Robert Jonas. He is 48 years old and had undergone several types of business such as, coal business, carton box industry, even a Stage Manager because, his friends worked a lot in this field so, he got many offers from his friends to do the job. He has 2 children where, they both went to school in 2 different locations, his daughter is in Bekasi and his son is in Surabaya. The reason about why Mr. Jonas’s daughter study in Bekasi is, she wants to live an independent life.

In the beginning, Mr. Jonas's wife, Ms. Liem Sioe Sie, decided to join Biogreen Science first. He has not yet decided to join because of his skeptical view of the MLM business. At that time, his wife was introduced by his sister-in-law. After feeling the benefits of Biogreen products, his wife decided to join. Although he was doubtful about his wife, he continued to support her by providing money to buy the Silver package with a note, his wife must gain profits and return on capital in one month.

This challenge was able to be overcomed by his wife where, she managed to buy a platinum package in just 2 weeks and returned the funds in just one month. In addition, his wife is also able to gain large amounts of profits in a few months and their relationship with other people are getting better because of Biogreen products. Finally, he decided to join Biogreen Science in 2016.

In running his business, Mr. Jonas’s motivation is to help people because, he sees many people have the desire to live healthy and have income but do not know how to take medication. It was experienced by his mother and mother-in-law who fell ill due to taking medication. Thanks to Biogreen products, both of them can live healthy lives. In addition, Mr. Robert also feels the great benefits of Biogreen products. For this reason, he wants everyone to be able to feel the effect and he believes that God will fulfill his blessings because of his kindness.

In addition, Larry Widjaja as the CEO of Biogreen Science also inspired Mr. Jonas. According to him, Larry Widjaja is a consistent person and Mr. Jonas rarely finds such people. In addition, he also does not remain silent in just one business because, there are many types of businesses that he has besides Biogreen Science for example, Kota Cinema Mall. Besides Mr. Larry, there is Mr. Sam who always encourages him. According to him, Mr. Sam is a humble person and Mr. Sam's figure is very supportive of he and his wife. Finally, there is Pak Roys and Biogreen Science management who always give the best.

Mr. Jonas views Biogreen as an extraordinary company. He sees it as a company that has the opportunity to become an international company. It can be seen through the company’s vision, mission and extraordinary commitment. Not only that, Biogreen is also supported by extraordinary management. So, he remains confident in running the company.

During his business, Mr. Jonas has felt many things, including bitter experiences, namely undercutting. This problem had made it difficult for him and his wife, many people were hesitant to join. Thanks to the commitment of Biogreen Science in fighting undercutting, this problem slowly subsided. In terms of achievement, both he and his wife have felt many things. In terms of health, they are healthier. In terms of business, they also feel a lot of things and we continue to strive to achieve the highest ranking.

For his health, Mr. Jonas felt a tremendous influence and extraordinary commitment so that he and his wife felt very comfortable. After walking long enough, the couple learned a lot to encourage and also help their downline. They both felt that they were still lacking so much that they wanted to continue learning. Finally, they gave a message about a number of things, namely, Choose a company that will lead us to success and of course the right company and choose a partner who is equally committed to achieving that success / dream because, we will have difficulties without these two that matter.



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

Des 2018

Eden Talens

Biogreen Science is a company that can make your dream come true through it product and business

Nov 2018

Muhammad Taufan

The best are people those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind

Oct 2018

Hasnan Latip

God gives you a power to change your life self, not other people's life