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Asri Nur Wahyuningsih

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"All problems have a way out. Everything has its time. The important thing is to stay patient and never stop trying."

Sagacious Mother

"Semua masalah pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Semua ada waktunya. Yang terpenting adalah tetap sabar dan selalu berusaha."

The bitter experience experienced by Asri Nur 17 years ago made her a powerful and wise mother.

What kind of events did Mrs. Asri experience?

So, 17 years ago Mrs.Asri lose her husband. The incident made the 44-year-old woman think that she must be strong and has her own income for the sake of her children's happiness.

Blessing in disguise, right?

So true. Mrs. Asri's struggle through various life problems makes her a formidable figure. This also made her able to skyrocketing in Biogreen Science despite only joining for 5 months.

Wait, how's the story behind her decision to join Biogreen Science?

At first, Mrs. Asri was only a consumer of Biogreen Science products. The woman who had worked as a flight attendant at one of the private airlines did that because she had high cholesterol and often experienced headaches.

"Initially I was only a user of Biogreen Science products. I have high cholesterol which sometimes reaches 259 and often consumes paracetamol in high doses because of the headaches I experience," said Mrs. Asri.

Where did Mrs. Asri get Biogreen Science products from?

It turns out that Ibu Asri's child is in the same school as Ibu Dewi "Cetar" Yulianti's. Ms. Asri was introduced to Biogreen Science products through Mrs. Dewi. The result? Extraordinary! Since consuming Biogreen Science products, Mrs. Asri's health has improved considerably.

"Since consuming Biogreen products, within 2 months my cholesterol dropped to 147 and I have never taken drugs again because I rarely feel a headache," said Mrs. Asri.

Oh, I see... and then?

The efficacy of Biogreen Science products are "opening Mrs. Asri eyes". Through Mrs. Dewi, the mother of two children learned the Biogreen system and finally decided to join on October 31, 2019.

"The Biogreen business is extraordinary. Biogreen does not only help many people through its products but also by its business system," said Mrs. Asri.

So that's how it started. OK, back again to the achievement of Ms. Asri. What kind of achievement did she get for the past 5 months?

Since joining at the end of October last year, Mrs. Asri already has 3 downlines with Junior Master Rank. In addition, Ms. Asri also managed to become an Osaka Incentive Tour participant.

"In five months I managed to get 3 (downline) Junior Masters, an additional income of 100 million rupiahs, and qualified for the reward trip to Japan with my child and husband," said Ms. Asri.


I know, right? Aside from the motivation to make her children happy, Mrs. Asri's success cannot be separated from the role of her upline, Mrs. Dewi.

"In addition to the family that always supports me, the role of my upline, Mrs. Dewi, is also very large. Mrs. Dewi always guides and encourages me so that I can get here, "said Mrs. Asri.

So, what is Mrs. Asri's secret to being successful?

Mrs. Asri told us that she felt very lucky to be able to find a product with a powerful effect like Biogreen's products. Mrs. Asri also advised that to always carry out each of its activities to provide benefits to the lives of others.

"Make life a place to spread benefits for people around us. I believe that what we get matches what we give," said Ms. Asri.

All right, Ma'am! Is there a message from Ms. Asri for Biogreen members?

"Never give up while facing life's problems, because everyone has their problems which also burden their lives. Every problem has a way out. Everything has its time. The important thing is to stay patient and never stop trying."


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