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Wanita Inspirasional

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ACE 2018 was not only attended by local Members but, there are also several members that come from abroad, like Philippine. Her name is Eden Talens and previously, she worked as administrative officer for Australian Education before joined Biogreen Science. The reason about why she was interested in joining Biogreen Science is because of its product. She has asthma, most of her income was spent only for her hospital bill. Therefore, she felt like she was only working for paying the doctor and her medication. Her father was die because of asthma. She felt that her childhood was not normal, she was not able in joining every school activity. She has weak body immunity that affected her body condition. However, she changed her mind when she heard about Stem Cell especially, apple stem cell. It was said that it have various advantages for human health which can repair human cell. Therefore, she was interested in consuming stem cell.

The reason about why she wanted to join Biogreen Science is because of the product, not the business. At the beginning, she bought 3 boxes of Applesc and used it for three months. After consuming Applesc, she felt better so, she decided to quit her job and focused on the business. However, she found a problem when she was going to join Biogreen because, her family was not agree with her decision to do network marketing business.

At first, she never thought that she could join MLM because, she was not interested in doing it. Therefore, it was really hard for her to quit her job and doing the business. She was invited by her friend in last quarter of 2015 and her friend never said that it was MLM meeting due to her doubt on MLM. Therefore, she joined Biogreen at January 2016th until present. She found it difficult to do the business from the beginning. It took 6 months for her to learn everything inside the business by going to the meeting because, it was new for her. Due to her determination and passion, she was able to build her first group. Besides, she also read some books and asked suggestions from successful people. These things really motivated her in doing her business.

She is a single mom and her kids is her motivation. By joining Biogreen Science, she had lot of spare time which she can spent for her family. Besides, there were lot of problems that she faced in the beginning. She found it really hard because, it’s not easy in doing the business especially, it’s a relationship business. At first, she didn’t know about downline, crossline, upline, so, she was building her business from zero. Watching the first ACE, she has committed to herself that she wanted to be there. To achieve her dream, she put a huge effort by reading book, attending training, applying everything that she has learnt. After a year, she was qualified as rookie and she was qualified as Junior Master last year. At ACE 2018, she was able to achieve Junior Master. At that time, she was satisfied because, all of her works were really compensated. In the end, she said that Biogreen Science is a company that can make your dream come true through its product and business.



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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Muhammad Taufan

The best are people those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind

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God gives you a power to change your life self, not other people's life

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Don't be afraid to try new things and we have ability to do great things