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Ni KetutErniasih

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"Making descision is very important because a decision will determine our next steps."

Patience and Sincerity are The Keys to Have a Blessing


Patience and sincerity are the keys to have a blessing. Perhaps those words are very suitable for Ibu Ni Ketut Erniasih. This strong woman has faced a lot of obstacles in her life, ranging from family economic problems to health problems that she has suffered from her young age. But living with all those problems did not make Ibu Erni discouraged. Because of the courage and support from the loved ones, Ibu Erni is always patient and sincere in life. The woman who has a background as an office girl in a company in Bali did not expected to be able to feel the extraordinary blessings as a result of her patience and sincerity. Her meeting with Biogreen Science changed her life and the family to be even better. The story of Ibu Erni's life changing become the main thing of Biogreen Science team, which makes the team want to dig the information deeply of the figure of Ibu Erni. Because of that, Ibu Erni is chosen to be the Leader of the Month in July 2018.

October 15th, 2015 became a historic time for Ibu Erni. Her decision to join Biogreen Science at that time was not easy. Introduced by her co-worker at the office about Biogreen Science products, she cannot immediately buy it. For four months she rejected it because she felt its product is very expensive whereas she really needed it. It is because of her health problem she has had since she was young, she has suffered many diseases that require her to go to hospital regularly. However, the direct upline of her co-worker, named Bapak Suardika, wanted her to feel the benefits from its product. In short, Pak Suardika gave some packs of Applesc as sample product to be consumed by her. After that, Ibu Erni's health has improved. From her health changed, Ibu Erni was determined to buy Applesc product.

She borrowed money at the Village Credit Institution (LPD) to buy Applesc and after consuming 1 box of Applesc, her health was getting better. She never thought to run the business, but after she got her first income on the first day of he recruited one her neighbor, Ibu Luki, she felt that Biogreen Science was kind of good opportunity for her. Initially, she was not so supported by her husband because of economic limitations that made her borrow money in LPD, but after that she convinced her husband with her first income, eventually her husband and family started giving her support to Ibu Erni to continue growing.

This woman with two children has a motivation to be able to send their children to school as high as possible. Through Biogreen Science, by only her income in the first 3 months, she and her husband could provide better education for their children. She could send her first child to university. The income of this Master-ranked Leader could pay off all the family’s debts and in the first 6 months of her income it could gradually repair her home. From Biogreen Science too, Ibu Erni could buy her own car from her two-year income, to make her easy to go to do prospects and go to meetings held by Biogreen Science in Bali. "I am very grateful, the children are also happy. We can also improve the standard of living. Astungkara... Biogreen is amazing," said Ibu Erni.

Through the experience of Ibu Ketut Erni, Biogreen Science is proven as the business that did not look at any background. "Biogreen Science is a very simple business. The system is also very simple. For example, like me, at first I couldn’t operate a laptop, even WhatsApp. It is proven that Biogreen Science is extraordinary," she said eagerly. Biogreen Science has made Ibu Erni to step forward to keep trying and growing. "Making a decision is very important because a decision will determine our next steps," said Ibu Erni when ending the interview.



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

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