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Leader ofThe Month

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Perseverance and diligence will bore fruits, but only God's grace and words can enable us to persist through all troubles.


“Be consistent sincerely and never give up because, we don’t know when we will be success” This motto means a lot for Mrs. Efra Rebekka Setia Nugraha, a housewife who has alternative business by selling grilled fish cake and felt disappointed and give up due to over claimed products.

She joined Biogreen Science at the end of 2014, and since improvement of time, she tried to get rid of her bad experience and disappointment for facing fake MLM by attending seminars held by Biogreen Science diligently. At that time, she heard many good news about Biogreen Science’s products. Besides, she and her family also felt the benefits of Biogreen Science products in a matter of days.

"In terms of management and quality products, Biogreen Science’s credibility in improving the quality of life is continued to be developed and it made me even more confident and believe that Biogreen Business is feasible to pursue and conduct"



Leader of the month

Leader of the month

Jul 2018

Ni Ketut Erniasih

"Making descision is very important because a decision will determine our next steps."

Jun 2018

Rosa Kristian

"Biogreen Science is a business that provides tremendous opportunities. One of the best things that becomes a turning point in my life. I hope Biogreen Science can support all circles more broadly."

May 2018

Wiwik Widhiyanti

A though woman who breaksdown the walls