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Yuwono Chaiyadi, the man who is usually called Yuwono, is one of thousands businessmen of Biogreen Science. Biogreen Science business that has been done by the college student of Pelita Harapan University for one year since March 2015 has already grown and run smoothly after passing through difficult times.
Confidence is the main key for the 21 years old man in conducting Biogreen Science business. He decided to join this business based on his strong desire and his own thought. It is all started with an income posting from Jansen, Pelita Harapan University alumni and leader of Biogreen Science, in social media Path. Seeing  the post, Yuwono then wanted to find out more. He was even willing to use bus from Lippo Karawaci to Central Park to learn this business.

Confidence also makes Yuwono keeps convincing those who doubted this business. At first it was not easy. Being doubted by many people even his  own family has been experienced by this final semester college student at the time he started this Biogreen Science business. The first biggest challenge coma from his mother who did not agree when Yuwono decided to join Biogreen Science networking business.
Hen-Hen is a friend and Upline that never give up to support and stay behind Yuwono's back in rough times
However, based on a very high confidence, Yuwono decided to join this business with great support from Hen-Hen as an upline who introduced and guided him in this business. Yuwono tried hard to convince his mother to consume the product of Applesc that can cure ringworm in her finger in just two days. The disease initially could not be cured even after she has tried different kinds of products. Due to outstanding results of the efficacy of the products of Biogreen Science, she finally agreed for Yuwono to undergo this business.

Although he has received an approval from his mother, this business did not go smoothly in the first two months since there were no sales. However this did not make Yuwono give up, it made him more motivated and challenged to continue to offer the business and products of Biogreen Science to his family and classmates. Then in the third month, Yuwono began to feel the results of his hard work. Sticking to principle, he continue this business although there are still some people around who dislike him or delete his contact from social media.

However, after Yuwono’s business has been growing, those who used to dislike him start looking  for Yuwono and asked him to introduce them in this business. Explaining this business is not complicated. Just  give an example to explain the system and provide example on calculation to make his potential prospects understand and interest in joining this Biogreen Science business. If there are some people who are not interested to join, this is not a big problem. Yuwono still sees the bright side, because then he could still maintain a good relationship, and Yuwono considers it a nostalgic event. At least Yuwono has given good news by offering great opportunities to them. Yuwono does not easily give up and stop trying when rejection comes continuously. "I'm not a psychic. Before we offer and said no, ask first. "Said Yuwono.
Yuwono with Mr. Larry Widjaja (CEO Biogreen Science), Dr. Fred Zulli and Prof. Dr.  Sven Gohla from Mibelle Biochemistry.
As the months passed by, and Yuwono received the results of the hard work that had been dreamed. Yuwono won promo trip to Europe along with the leader and other members of Biogreen Science and Mr. Larry Widjaja as the founder of Biogreen Science. His experience in Europe is very impressive. He even bought his family watches and purses worth eleven million. This is not a cheap price of course, but for Yuwono this is nothing compared with returning the favor as a child.

Then in December, Yuwono took the decision to buy a home in the Citra Raya worth 1.3 billion rupiah with KPR system. Yuwono thinks this is the best decision for his family and knowing that the house he lived in Lippo Karawaci was a rent house. Changes must be made for the sake of great progress for Yuwono and family life.

In addition, the revenue earned by Yuwono for one year in this business is about Rp670.000.000 with rhe average month by Rp60.000.000 up to Rp70.000.000. Yuwono even has reached Rp94.000.000 within one month. This however does not make Yuwono easily satisfied and trigers him to continue doing the Biogreen Science business to get bigger income.

It all thanks to his principle that he does not want to live hard again. For him this is the basis to never give up and makes him to go ahead. Pride is also one of the Yuwono’s secret. Yuwono is so proud in joining this business because he does not only manage to achieve his dreams and get high income, but he also can help many people become successful by joining this business. Seeing his family or even closest friends become successful is a priceless happiness.
Endless support from his mother becomes the biggest motivation for Yuwono to keep moving forward in Biogreen Science
Another motivation is his parents, especially his mother who has given the greatest support and as a person to tell complaints and find a way out. Additionally, Upline and Downline are also influential figure for him. Hen-Hen as Yuwono’s upline, has provided big support and guidance so that Yuwono is able to do a great achievement as it is today. Yuwono is also very grateful to Mr. Larry Widjaja who has created a business that is different from other businesses, it is due to this business it can create a better life for many people, including Yuwono’s life.

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