Wiwik Widhiyanti
"A Tough Woman Who Breaksdown The Walls"

This time the Biogreen Science team had the chance to meet a woman who was industrious in reaching for her dreams, the one who kept fighting for her life. Wiwik Widhiyanti, or more commonly called Wiwik. For Ibu Wiwik, getting The Master in the networking business is not just a title but it makes this beach-loving lady keep learning and learning to make herself more qualified and able to lead her team even better. This chance made the Biogreen Science team curious to get acquainted with her and to deepen the figure of women who have successfully led her colleagues to jointly succeed in Biogreen Science business. This is the Leader of the Month May 2018 edition.
Before entering the network business world, Ibu Wiwik has experience as a restaurant entrepreneur in Bali, but this 38-year-old woman has not been able to successfully build a life that full of free of time and finances from the results of those efforts. Biogreen Science was introduced by her aunt, at first she never thought to join even she was skeptical of the network business. In the midst of the prospect's time, her aunt gave a description of Biogreen Science products that can cure diabetes, she was immediately reminded by her mother who has diabetes and short stories she gave the product to be consumed by her mother. Sure enough, Biogreen Science products can improve her health even better. On the same occasion, she also saw a business opportunity from Biogreen Science, and on August 28th, 2015, she was interested in joining Biogreen Science to improve her life after the entrepreneurship business that she once run but could not succeed.
Biogreen Science is the first networking business for her. Luckily, Biogreen Science has trainings for beginners to run a business. Her personality who is diligent and always eager to learn is what brought Ibu Wiwik to continue to grow her business. Her passion at reading books makes her capital to gain knowledge. The trainings given in Biogreen Science can also be used as a forum for her to get her knowledge about personal development which, of course, can be used by her in growing the network. "If we have mastered in personal development, such as controlling the ego and others, surely we can succeed in this networking business," said Ibu Wiwik.
When later in her old age, she longed to have much time for her family. She also does not want to be too much depend on other people, for that financial freedom is also indispensable for better survival later. All of that is the main motivation for her to join and become successful in Biogreen Science. Remembering her father's message, Ibu. Wiwik explained that she was formed to be a tough woman because of the upbringing of father who always insisted on wanting his children to be better than her parents. "You must study! You must study! So you can change your life for better,” said Ibu Wiwik imitating the words of her father.
Obstacles and challenges for the challenge passed by her. All that is faced is the lessons for her in the future. She believes, Biogreen Science with outstanding products that have helped the health of many people, including her and her family, who also have verifiable clinical tests can make excellent business opportunity to help creating a better life of course with integrity and heart. One thing she holds in doing business in Biogreen Science is to always win love over the ego. Because the network business is a business related to humans, therefore the relationship between the humans must be cultivated to be successful in the business of Biogreen Science. “Win the love over the ego," said Ibu Wiwik when closing the interview
Wiwik Whidiyanti -- “A Tough Woman Who Breaksdown The Walls” | Leader of the Month Mei 2018 Edition
Wiwik Whidiyanti -- “A Tough Woman Who Breaksdown The Walls” | Leader of the Month Mei 2018 Edition
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