Leader of The Month featuring Velisah - The Risk Taker

It is not easy for a person surviving from a risky job. This was experienced by Velisah, a 33 years-old-woman who is now becoming the Leader of the Month in October 2016 edition. Velisah, nicknamed by Lisa, was telling us a story about her experience being a broker in one of brokerage companies.  Her daily activity was to meet the customers to prospect their clients, she told us how her daily life was  full of risks.

“I was so bored with my previous job, apart from the job was full of risks, dealing with our clients’ money, not to mention if the customer’s being loss. I had to wake up early in the morning and go home late at night because I had to tread our clients’ money. It was very risky.” She also said that she had to wake up in the morning and spent her time in the office until late. However, after she joined in Biogreen Science and becomes a full-timer job there, she does not have to wake up early in the morning and goes to the office anymore. She also has more time to spend with her family. “I am enjoying my time in Biogreen Science because I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and go to the office.” Lisa, who loves traveling and shopping, told us that she gets more time to travel with her family and also do shopping.

Before Lisa decided to quit her job that she had been working on for about 8 years, her family, including her father, asked her and convinced her if she really wanted to quit from her old job and joined Biogreen Science business. Her father doubted her decision. But along with her strong determination, Lisa believed that she will be succeed and achieving a lot for her incomes. Her decision was supported by the achievements of her partner business, Jansen, and also Larry, the founder of Biogreen Science.

Lisa knew Biogreen Science when she was firstly introduced by Jansen and Larry. Lisa was inspired by the successful and achievements of Jansen. After she joined Biogreen Science, she gets a very great amount of incomes. She also mentioned that after she joined Biogreen Science, she got more than hundreds of millions rupiah in the fifth month. “...I couldn’t believe it that I had gained great income about hundred of millions rupiah in about only 5 months. Therefore, Biogreen brings a very great incomes.” Through her great incomes from Biogreen Science, she bought an investment house in Ciputra, and Mazda CX-5.

Lisa also said that the business she has been working on is now going upside down. “Because every business has its upside down, as long as it is still in hundreds of millions rupiah, I think it is still good.” Lisa overcomes her business by always maintaining her group, and making a group planning to make her business keep going on. Long before she joined Biogreen Science, Lisa had an opportunity of making a cafe business with her friends. She said to open a cafe, we need substansial funds. Yet, after she left her business cafe and  become more focused on Biogreen, she doesn’t need to spend more funds, but she can get back her assets immediately.

Through the success she has achieved in the Biogreen Science business that she has been working on, she is satisfied with her great incomes. “I’m truly satisfied with this business, my motivation to get a good income to travel and shop was fulfilled without thinking about the budget I need to spend.” Apart from her motivation to travel and do shopping, the product of Biogreen Science has its own story of her own life. “When I was pregnant, I was doubting Applesc that I consumed. Due to its taste. But I still consumed the Applesc, it was proven that Applesc has no harmful effect to be consumed by a pregnant woman. There was no problem of my childbirth and my daughter is totally fine and healthy. In fact, I even forgot that I was pregnant at that time, because I could do what I usually do, I could jump and run like a normal people and  had a lot of fun with my friends.” Said Lisa.

From the experiences and the successful  story of Lisa, we can draw a conclusion that Biogreen Science can make your dreams come true and also achieve the success life that you have been dreaming of but you can’t do it because you don’t have time to do it. “A message from me; don’t ever just being a viewer, especially for new members, eventhough you are rejected, don’t ever give up. If you feel desperate, you must join all trainings from Biogreen Science to get your motivation back.”

“Happiness does not exist when you are lucky, but happiness exists when you have willingness and hardwork to be happy.” – Velisah, 33 years old.

Leader of The Month -- The Risk Taker (October 2016 edition)
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