The beauty of natural scenery, culture and traditions are kept awake and the hospitality of the local residents are the impression that cannot be separated when visiting the Dewata Island, Bali. This time the Biogreen Science team visited house of a Balinese woman, who is also a member of Biogreen Science, who always maintains her traditions and culture. Tjokorda Istri Inten Yuliantari or also best known as Tjok Inten. Ibu Tjok who was a former employee of a state-owned company and had a career in government, but after marriage she decided to focus on taking care of the family. Being a housewife, making a woman who likes to dance wants a business opportunity that can be done in time to take care of the household. Introduced by her partner, Ibu Eva, about the Biogreen Science business, became the turning point for a mother of two to earn a living despite being a housewife. Her success in running this business, has made Ibu Tjok chosen as the Leader of The Month in March 2018 edition.
When her meeting with Ibu Eva, who introduced Biogreen Science, this 36-year-old woman initially tried its products first. Positive impact felt by her and the family who also use its products made Ibu Tjok could see a good opportunity if she run business network as well. She is fairly active in activities held by Biogreen Science, Ibu Tjok learned and gained a lot of knowledge in running this network business. "Here (Biogreen Science), I can work, in addition to getting knowledge, I also can channel my hobby as an MC and can develop myself," she said.
Many positive things Ibu Tjok gets when running this business, especially the flexible time, remarkable income also the development of herself. “The income I have earned can help my family economy, this is the woman figure exist, we can earn the income but also have flexible time to take care of household,” she said. The last interview with us, Ibu Tjok Inten gave a message to the people who have not joined yet in Biogreen Science business to take this opportunity quickly and then learn the easy system. “Success is everyone's right, the problem is whether you want it or not. Keep in the process, and success will be yours,” she said before ending the interview.
Free trip promotions held by Biogreen Science to be the challenges for her. Because of Biogreen Science, the woman who also has a hobby of traveling, is able to channel the hobby because she had achieved to win some free trips. "Thanks to Biogreen Science, amazingly, I can get to America and also take a cruise ship trip to 3 countries in Asia and later this March I achieved to win a free trip to South Korea,she said with enthusiasm. She achieved Biogreen Science free trip to America promo when she joined for the first 6 months and in that year also Ibu Tjok Inten succeeded to be the Master.

Biogreen Science is the first network marketing business for her. A lot of supports she gets when running this business, from her family, friends, even from her upline and leaders in Bali for sure. Besides that, she has got bad experience, in form of ignorance, but that is not becoming as the bad experience instead of another challenge for her to educate the people in order to join and feel all the benefits also reach their dreams.
Tjokorda Istri Inten Yuliantari -- “The Woman Who Gets the Best of Both Worlds” | Leader of the Month March 2018 Edition
Tjokorda Istri Inten Yuliantari -- “The Woman Who Gets the Best of Both Worlds” | Leader of the Month March 2018 Edition
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