Leader of The Month featuring Rudi Muliyono - In Trust, He Rises

Who do not know the famous Leader and Grand Master achiever, Rudi Muliyono. The man who is better known as Momo has remarkably achieved outstanding accomplishment in Biogreen Science. Having numerous experiences and succeed in running this business, it is no wonder that he has become the role model and is admired by many members of Biogreen Science.  The 35-year-old Leader is also known for being humble and like to share his inspirational success stories as well as the key of success. It is proven from his training which was recently held on 26 June 2016 in Grand Paragon Gajah Mada, Jakarta. However, to be able to reach this point of success is not easy for him. He should taste the bitterness of failure before he could be in this state. 

Before joining Biogreen Science, Momo has gone through the hardships of life from his failure in running network marketing business. The founder of network marketing business that he previously ran heartlessly deceived him until he lost all of his money and went bankrupt. He was then left with no choice but to go back to his family and depend his life entirely on his family. The feeling of embarrassment and feeling useless as an eldest son always haunted him every day at that time. As the eldest son, he had failed to be a good role model for his younger siblings and become the second backbone of his family. This bitter experience of being deceived then made him hard to believe in others, especially network marketing business.

When he was first introduced to Biogreen Science by Mr. Yansen, Momo responded it with skepticism, and he built a high wall of self-defense. The hard efforts that Mr. Yansen did every day to convince him to focus on running this business did not bother him. The failure from the past made him afraid to take one step forward and hold him back to take chances in front of him. It took a long time for him to build trust which had been broken before.

He could only solely trust Biogreen Science after going through the process of convincing himself for 5 months. During that 5 months period, he slowly built his trust on this company by observing and keeping watch on the promises made by Biogreen Science’s Managing Director Mr. Larry Widjaja to build an office and launch the featured products. It was then proven that all the promises made by Mr. Larry were not just sweet promises but they were really transformed into reality. Mr. Yansen’s hard efforts and Mr. Larry’s real actions made his defense wall crumbled and made him one hundred percent believe to focus on running this promising business.

His solemn trust on Biogreen Science is what leads him to his point of success now. In less than 2 years of running this business, he has gained remarkable achievements which he has never dreamt of before. His monthly income hits fantastic number, and he has been able to buy a luxurious apartment in cash, own a condominium in Jakarta Tower, and the most important thing is that he can get back his pride of being the successful eldest son in his family. For him, there is nothing better than being able to be accepted again in his family which used to refuse his presence.

Check out the video of Q&A with Rudi Muliyono here!
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