Leader of The Month featuring Lussiana Rossi - Venturing Out of Comfort Zone

A Leader and Grand Master achiever, Lussiana Rossi, is endlessly marking her magnificent achievements with Biogreen Science. Her 1.5 years of hard work in running this business has scored hundreds of successful new leaders, and she also has become a role model for Biogreen’s members. However, every success requires a lot of sacrifice.

There is a big decision and sacrifice she made behind her success story. She ventured out of her comfort zone and convinced people who used to underestimate her. By looking at her outstanding achievements and the struggles she faced up to this point, it is not a surprise if she is picked as Leader of The Month June 2016 edition.

The women who is called Lussi admits that she has fallen in love with Biogreen Science business and intends to devote her precious time to focus on this business. Before being engaged with this business, Lussi was a career woman who had been working for 10 years in several multinational companies. She started her career from bottom position as a field salesman, and her position continued to rise until she got promotion to become a sales trainer for 3 nations in Southeast Asia for her outstanding working performance. As a career woman, she was undoubtedly successful and earned big income. However, despite of her success story as a career woman, she felt that she lost most of her precious time as she was busy working. Her tight working schedule prevented her to enjoy her life and do her hobbies to exercise and travelling. To have a prosperous life with a freedom of time then became her biggest dream that she only could wish for in her heart. Her biggest dream felt like a fantasy until one day she saw Mrs. Monica Sutrisno’s posts about her income in Biogreen Science.

Seeing the posts of her elementary fellow Mrs. Monica, Lussi felt curious about this promising bussiness. She then contacted Mrs. Monica, who later became her upline, and she was asked to see the presentation of Biogreen’s products and marketing plan from Mr. Muliyono. After she saw the powerful and convincing presentation from Mr. Muliyono, she directly decided to join this business.  Moreover, after 3 months of running this business, she had earned money more than she earned in her company. Looking at this promising condition, she then bravely decided to resign from her company in order to focus on running this business.

Her decision to resign from her company and focus on running network marketing business was a bold and surprising decision. As we all know, the decision to step out from comfort zone and take risk is not an easy decision to make and only a few of people willing to take such risk. Her bold decision surely got negative response from people closest to her, specially her parents. Lussi then tried to convince her parents who opposed her by taking them to the Grand Launching of Biogreen Science and taking them to visit Mibelle Biochemistry factory where the main active ingredients of Biogreen Science’s products come from when she won Europe Trip reward from this company. After witnessing the greatest of Biogreen Science, her parents then supported her to run this business.

Through the bold decision that she made, it is proven that Lussi can achieve impressive attainments and income that she has never dreamt of. Her 1.5 years of running this business has allowed her to buy 1 luxurious apartment, 1 condominium in the middle of Jakarta, and recently she is cooperating with some Biogreen Science Leaders and Mr. Larry Widjaja to buy lands in Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 which will be built an office building with 21 floors.

Besides enjoying the wealth that she gets, Lussi also gets to learn many precious lessons while running this business. She admits that the lesson she gets from 1.5 years running this business is much more than the experience she gains during her 10 years working in multinational companies, especially in terms of developing personal skills. Furthermore, the most important thing is that through Biogreen Science she can make her biggest dream comes true.

She can now enjoy her life without being restrained by time. She has a lot of spare time which she can fill by doing her hobbies of exercising and travelling to all places in all over the world. Her success story has been a living proofs that Biogreen Science able to make people’s dreams come true and give them a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy life.

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