Warm atmosphere was felt when visiting the house of Ibu Liny Chiu in Tomang, West Jakarta. This housewife welcomed the Biogreen Science team with great hospitality. A person who has had the experience of being an accountant for 15 years makes Ibu Liny, her nickname, has a provision for her future, but from Biogreen Science business Ibu Liny can earn much higher revenues from her income into an accountant, and of course this becomes a good opportunity of business for a better future. Her perseverance to achieve success for the future of herself and family after finally she runs a business in Biogreen Science made herself chosen as the Leader of the Month in September 2017.

The woman who likes cooking had decided to join with Biogreen Science since about two years ago, on May 27th 2015 to be exact. Introduced by her own sister, Ibu Hioe Rinah, she finally decided to join the business after she found herself who suffers backache because of caesarean when she bear her children could recover and back to normal.

In running Biogreen Science business, this three-child mother is always supported by her husband and children. Support from family is because only from this business she can run a business but still have a lot of time to gather with family and thus her family is the most influential and support her to achieve success.

Biogreen Science has changed a lot of life of this Master-ranked Leader; starting from her health that she got after consuming its products, got to buy her own vehicle from income she got from 3 months running Biogreen Science business and afterward 6 months she could bring her family to go holiday to aboard with all the costs she got from running business in Biogreen Science.
All things that she has got from Biogreen Science business is not easy to get like as easy as pie. A lot of ups and downs she faced in starting this business makes as a tool for her to keep dreaming and never give up to achieve success for herself and her family. “Biogreen Science is the perfect vehicle, if you want to succeed and serious in running the business then no useless, and everything is going to run well,” she said. All the experiences she got and everything struggles that she has done before and during starting this business is finally paid off. “Biogreen Science reaches out of all circles. Do not hesitate, run the Biogreen Science business in earnest to reach our goals. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” she said when closing the interview.
Liny Chiu -- Rise Up & Reach the Goal | Leader of The Month September 2017 Edition


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