Leader of The Month featuring Erna Handoko- Foster Others, Grow Together

A great leader is the one who inspires and leads others to reach their gate of success. This expression really represents Erna Handoko, a Leader of Biogreen Science who is famously known for her keen and enterprising action to help her downline expanding this growing business. She often spends her precious time travelling out of town to accompany her downline performing presentations. Her fostering attitude makes her deserve to be crowned as our Leader of The Month for August 2016 edition.

Erna is acknowledged as a hardworking woman who always performs her jobs wholeheartedly. Besides running Biogreen Science’s business, she is also busy managing her restaurant and boutique which take place at one of biggest shopping mall, Mall of Indonesia. The three businesses which concurrently run surely take a lot of her time. Not to mention her role as a wife and the mother of three children also certainly requires plenty of time. However, in the midst of her busy life, she still generously spares her time to go to travel cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Balikpapan, Bandung, Surabaya, Palangkaraya, Makassar and Bali, and even flies abroad to Malaysia and Singapore in order to maintain her network and support her downline to expand their networks as well as helping them to follow her footsteps of success.

Her hard work and determination in maintaining her network, as well as her action of pushing her downline to move forward depict her great love over this business, and it should become a role model and inspire the members of Biogreen Science to pour all of your heart in performing this growing business, because if we love our jobs and run it with all of our heart, then success is definitely waiting in front of our eyes.

Her story begins when Erna, who had been long suffering from migrain for 33 years and asthma since she was in Elementary School, miraculously recovered after consuming Applesc given by her customer. Her negative outlook towards MLM business changed immediately after she witnessed the greatness of Biogreen Science’s products. Armed with her true belief in Biogreen Science’s products, the 48-year-old woman decided to join Biogreen Science.

At first, she did not expect much from this business knowing that at that time she had just moved from Surabaya to Jakarta and did not have many friends and relations. However, she did not make that limitation as a barrier, but instead it burnt her spirit to run her business more actively.

With the assistance from Mr. Cahyo and Mrs. Lussi who tirelessly give encouragement and support, as well as the support of her beloved husband, Erna can expand her business very rapidly and earn fantastic income.

In just one year, her pure income allow her to get one Honda Mobilio RS, an apartment in elite area Pantai Indah Kapuk, and iPhone 6 Plus. But that is not all, she is also planning to buy an apartment in Mall of Indonesia and develop her boutique and restaurant business. The inspirational story of this Leader has proven that if we run this business seriously and wholeheartedly, any obstacle will not be a barrier to achieve unlimited success in Biogreen Science.

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