The friendliness of the former of boutique owner welcomed the Biogreen Science team when visited her home. A bright day supported us to scrutinize the figure of a leader from Ibu Dewi Yulianti. Being able to convince the people around to not be skeptical of this business is such a success for her because as early as her career in Biogreen Science business there were so many people who did not believe in business and herself. The luxury gained through this business is not solely the purpose of Ibu Dewi, but succeeded in helping others to get out of financial problems, of course through this network business, is one of the things that is expected and become her goal because by helping others, it feels herself has benefits for around. The extraordinary figure of Ibu Dewi makes her chosen as Leader of the Month October 2017 edition.
The collapse of the bankruptcy of her boutique business did not make her down, but made the mother of the twins managed to motivate herself to rise and continue to grow to restore her financial condition. Not separated from the family role, Ibu Dewi is always supported by her husband and her twins who are always eager to live life and of course eager in running this network business. With a smile that always blooming, Ibu Dewi told us about her previous business, a boutique business, where a business that made herself had enough income to run her hobby, which is to beautify herself, business that lasted long enough that apparently not so satisfy her in the end, due to bankruptcy in her boutique business. Seeing the situation, then a friend offered her this networking business, she studied the business carefully and after seeing the incredible happiness created from this network business, she stepped into the business of Biogreen Science. Within just one month, she managed to restore her initial capital. "Biogreen Science is incredible, this is the right vehicle for success," she said with her fist sign she was excited.
The 40-year-old leader, looking very joy and excited when asked about the influence of Biogreen Science products on her. She uses 6 Biogreen Science products and apparently those products make her healthier and more confident. One of the benefits that she felt was the wrinkles on her face disappeared after using Bio SC Serum product and she also managed to make herself more fit and lose weight after consuming Bio SC Fit. Her husband could not be separated also from the benefits of the product, her husband who has a history of uric acid managed to recover completely from consuming Applesc.
Since joining Biogreen Science 2.5 years ago, Ibu Dewi gave her full time to fight for a better life at Biogreen Science. Inspired by the great people who are struggling, Ibu Dewi believes "to ride" her fastest vehicle in realizing her dreams. This active mother always helps her team to continue to strengthen their network in all situations. "My team must always to be motivated by me to keep their spirit to develop their network, usually if they hear my voice, immediately just boom..., their spirit back," she said with a laugh.
The Leader who comes from struggling family has achieved great achievements from her hard work in the Biogreen Science business. With a small capital she earned income above 100 million for only two months, and within a period of 8 months she has been able to buy a vehicle that she dedicates its license plate number to her father, she also could take the family went abroad.
Not all the incomes that she got enjoyed by herself and her own family, but she will plan build a place of worship soon, a boarding schools and a public school which those have become her ideals since the very first time. Her family that becomes her greatest motivation, has an active role for her success. "I want my children learn to work hard and want to stay up if they are down, as I do now, surely they will succeed in the world and the hereafter," she said when asked about her family and her children. In this interview, Ibu Dewi Yulianti with enthusiasm and confidence shared her success story, hoping her success story can inspire many people to rise up.
Dewi Yulianti -- Be Yourself and Be The Life Changer | Leader of the Month October 2017 Edition
Dewi Yulianti -- Be Yourself and Be The Life Changer | Leader of the Month October 2017 Edition
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