Having a background as a worker in a multi-national company, Bapak Cahyo Mulyono Sugiarto did not expect to change his life to be a networker. He was born from a struggling family, little Cahyo grew up with a soul full of zeal to face all challenges. Having the experience of living from one city to another, makes Bapak Cahyo understands the meaning of life. After completing his studies in Salatiga, and working for a year in Kudus, he was ready to migrate and settle in Jakarta. It was in Jakarta that he worked for one of the multi-national companies where he met someone who introduced him with the network business. The persistence that he leads to succeed makes the Biogreen Science team wants to deepen the figure who becomes the Leader of the Month December 2017 edition.
Met at the Jakarta Tower, Pak Yung, his nickname, welcomed Biogreen Science team. Started by telling his background, Pak Yung described each of his journeys very closely. Career of this 41-year-old Leader has become an assistant lecturer and became an R&D in a private company, and eventually, he changed his profession with a high position by moving to a German company and had a career for 6.5 years in the company. It has been a long time enough to have a career with someone, Pak Yung thought that it was not his passion. He felt he wanted to be more useful to others. One day, he was offered a business opportunity where the business became an opportunity that made his life change drastically. Introduced by his co-worker at the office, Ibu Lussi, about Biogreen Science, but he was not immediately interested in Biogreen Science's business instead turned it down because it was a networking business and he did not want to join the networking business.
Ibu Lussi then offered him to be a user of Biogreen Science products only and Pak Yung also registered himself in Biogreen Science to try its products only and not too run the business. A few days later, Ibu Lussi approached him and said that he had earned Rp30.000.000 of his register at Biogreen Science. Looking at all that remarkable income, in December 2014, Pak Yung started to look at its business and with just 19 days since he joined the business, he already earned Rp65.000.000. The extraordinary income and opportunity that he got was not wasted by Pak Yung, with all the wonderful things he could get from the Biogreen Science business, eventually he was brave enough to let go of all of his two companies' holdings and focus on running the Biogreen Science business until now.
"Biogreen Science makes people, including me, change the paradigm of the multilevel marketing business world," he said. Sure enough, Biogreen Science with all the reality provided makes multilevel marketing business is a very promising business for everyone including Pak Yung. Seeing the success he achieved today, it cannot be separated from the figure of people whohavebig heart that are willing to support him in difficult and happy situations. His family, especially his father, became one of the most influential people in his success. It was his father who tried to open the minds of every of her children, making little Yung feel a sense of striving for success and big heart and having compassion for others.
Biogreen Science has changedthelive of this Master-ranked Leader, the view of networking business also has changed completely. He thinks business is not just about working hard and earning money, but business can also be run by helping each other personally to produce extraordinary life together and create a life that full of time and financial freedom, and that he got in Biogreen Science . "When we are facing a problem, we have to keep tightening our belt and keep trying to get to the top," he said, ending our interview.
Cahyo Mulyono Sugiarto -- “Believe in yourself and be unstoppable” | Leader of the Month Desember 2017 Edition
Cahyo Mulyono Sugiarto -- Believe in yourself and be unstoppable | Leader of the Month Desember 2017 Edition
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