Bio Letter Volume 52
New Year Recognition Day 2019
Strive for the Future Highlight

New Year Recognition Day 2019: Strive for the Future (NYRD 2019) has been held successfully. Held at IC Center, Kuta, Bali, this event is attended by many members who come from various regions such as, Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Pasuruan, and etc.

This event is opened by the act of 2 barongsais which are followed by VIP guests. It was ended by the founder and CEO of Biogreen Science, Mr. Larry Widjaja who gave angpao. Mrs. Tjok Inter and Mr. I Nyoman Suardika became the MCs of this event. NYRD 2019 was divided into two sections, presentation section about new product and new things and recognition session for Members’s achievement started from ACE 2018.

Presentation section was brought by several people. COO of Biogreen Science, Mr. Roys Tanani become the first person who delivered the presentation and give motivation to the members to become a champion. Next, it’s Mr. Larry Widjaja’s turn to delivered a presentation about Biogreen Science’s plan in 2019. He explained about any new products and things that will be launched. At the middle of his presentation, there are two people who come to the stage for explaining new products and features, Advisor of Biogreen Science, Dr. Richard Sutejo, Ph.D. and General Manager Operation, Mr. Duddy Utama.

In addition to presentation session, there was recognition session which was awaited by the Members. In this session, Members celebrated their achievement in this event. There are various Members who come from many places. Started from rookie season, Yefta Banamtuan represented Rookie for speech. Next, it was continued to Junior Master session that was represented by Iir Nadiroh and dr. Ida Ayu Sulasmi for speech.

Before it was continued to Master session, there was Joe who sang “Move like Jagger”. Afterwards, it was Master session that was attended by 15 Members and represented by Samuel lianto and Kartini Sanussi. Last, Senior Master session and there was only one who have reached the rank, Mrs. Venantia Ingdhayani Wijono.

Door prize session became the last part of event that gave 92 products and 3 handphones. Biogreen Science would like to say thank you for Member’s achievement in NYRD 2019. Do your best and hit the highest rank as possible in ACE 2019!.

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