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We found that there are parties who are still selling Bio SC Hair Serum, a product that has been DISCONTINUED since 2018.

We urge all of you not to buy these products because what those irresponsible parties do is very dangerous:

✖ The product has been sold out since 2018 and marked as "Discontinued" (no longer produced)

✖ It is not known what the product contains because Biogreen Science has not been produced and distributed that product since 2018

✖ The formula for Bio SC Hair Serum is only owned by Biogreen Science, if there is a similar product, it can be ascertained that it is not the following Biogreen Science's production standards

Everything that happens due to the use of those products is beyond the responsibility of Biogreen Science.

For additional information, Biogreen Science has replaced Bio SC Hair Serum which was discontinued in 2018 with a hair serum called Bio SC Sifvlevio that launched in February 2021.

Biogreen Science is currently coordinating with the authorities to investigate the problem.

Thank you for your attention. We hope the information that we have provided can help you.

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