Hi Biogreeners, here's how to stay productive in your days off.


Day off is the most awaited day by all people from all walks of life and all ages. Starting from students to workers. It is also the happy moment that is most awaited by those who have been busy with various things or their daily routines on weekdays. It is the reason why people are looking forward to the days off.

Some people have their own ways to spend their days off, depending on their personal needs and desires. Some have been preparing for a variety of things that need to be done on the days off. However, most of  them have not had any plans yet. Biogreen definitely has its own way to enjoy the days off as productive as possible. Here are tips that you can apply to live your days off:
  1. Wake up early in the morning. To start your days off to make it more productive, you can start by waking even earlier than usual. That way, you can refresh your mind and body, so you can start your day better. In addition, you also can do more things that are important to you.
  2. Do exercise. It is very important to keep your body to be optimal and fit. You can do light exercise, such as jogging/running sufficiently.
  3. Make beneficial plan. For workers, of course, there are some things you need or want to do, but collided with working hours. However, for those who are not workers, you can perform certain activities maximally. For example, doing one on one, table talk, or home meeting in order to expand your network. Especially if you want to do the activity together with your potential prospects who are fairly busy on weekdays, then you can use the time in the days off as best as possible with your potential prospects.
  4. Fill your day with knowledge and insight. You can fill your time by reading books and newspapers or news. There will be a lot of things you can explore after doing the above. Insight and knowledge will increase. For example you can read books relating to the business or character development. It can help you manage and organize your business network in order to grow bigger. Additionally, you can also take the time to watch CD of BOP or training of  Biogreen Science. Knowledge of the products and the marketing plan will increase. This will also be very useful for you while do presentations to potential prospects, and also will be a good edification for your downline in the future.
  5. End your day with contemplation. You can ponder the things you have done during the week, and consider whether you have spent your days as good and productive as possible or not. If you still feel you have not done better, you should be able to take concrete steps to make improvements in the next day. If it is necessary, make a note and adjust your plans in your agenda so it is more organized and running perfectly.
Those are the 5 quick tips from Biogreen Science to spend your days off better and more productive. To be successful, you have to start with small steps that is not losing your productive time.
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Dian Sophia - Editor and Copywriter

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