Last time, we were taking the orphans to play at one of the theme park in Indonesia, Jungle Land.


Hi Biogreeners, last time, precisely on December 13, 2015, along with the orphans from Panti Asuhan Bersinar were having fun at Jungle Land. It was a very amazing moment that touched their hearts as well as our deepest hearts. Seeing and making them happy are happiness for all of us, right?

However, this activity is not the end of our charitable activities, because there are other charities which will be held together later. We believe we can make a difference. So, come and join us in other #BIOGREENINACTION projects, particularly in the early 2016's in the Biogreen Spread Love.

Biogreen Spread Love is a charity event that will be held in February, in the month of love, along with them from Yayasan Makna Bhakti. This will be the charity that will be embedded in your heart in the future. And this is also a step for you to share affection. As Booker T. Washington has stated before, "Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others".

See you there and carve moments together!

Biogreen Science, let's spread love!

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