9 Tips to cool your Monday

Monday is the beginning of the day to start your activity for a week. It is a day when you have to start something new or do normal activities after you have spent the days off previously.
However, mostly people do not like Monday. Therefore, you often hear the slogan of "I Hate Monday". There are several reasons why some people do not like Monday, namely:

  1. It takes interval of 5 days to meet the next days off, like Saturday and Sunday.
  2. The difficulty of waking up in the morning due to having a holiday on the weekend that is not glued to the work hours or school hours.
  3. The number of complaints by the others on Monday. For example you can find them on social media, such as Path or Twitter. So that it can suggest yourself consciously or unconsciously that Monday is not so pleasant.
  4. Feeling lazy to do activity routinely that has been organized. For example, working for the workers and going to school for students.
However, as leaders and members of Biogreen Science that we are very proud of, you should not let yourself drift to hate Monday. You should evoke your feeling, mind and body to be more enthusiastic in facing Monday. Here are tips to begin your Monday brilliantly:
  1. Do not do activity that is too exhausting, especially on a Sunday night, and prepare your needs and your stuff for Monday morning. So you will not be in a hurry on Monday morning.
  2. Wake up early in order to refresh your mind and body to start the day.
  3. Eat nutritious foods that can raise your spirits.
  4. Start your day with gratitude for the blessing of life which is given to you, and you can still do normal activities on Monday.
  5. Motivate yourself that there will be good and fun things that will happen on Monday.
  6. Try not to start your day by checking your social media, especially if you know that there will be plenty of posting from those who hate Mondays. This is to prevent yourself not to hate Mondays.
  7. Share your smile to those around you, especially your work or school colleagues. If you do this, you will also motivate them to smile and start the day with happiness too!
  8. Manage and organize your schedule on Monday. Sort the things you need to do on a Monday and start with the most important one. Remember to always include home meeting or one on one on your list.
  9. Make your target for Monday, even in a week. For example, you should be able to do the closing for ten platinum.
These are the 9 tips that can boost your Monday to become more productive and enthusiastic. Start doing these things on Monday and do it continuously. Spread these positive things to your beloved family and colleagues. Cultivate the confidence in youf that Monday is not as bad as you or others think, because a good thing starts from your intentions and thoughts. Cheerio~
Written by:
Dian Sophia - Editor & Copywriter

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