Stay Healthy at Christmas Party Christmas is coming soon, it's time to rejoice and celebrate with joy. Christmas is a time where everyone enjoys a moment of togetherness, fun and also a holiday moment to welcome the New Year. Usually on Christmas day people celebrate it by having a party that surely also our tongue will be spoiled with food and drink dishes that are hard to resist.
However, consuming sugary foods, spicy foods, soda and alcoholic drinks are excessive at Christmas party arrival will certainly bring a bad impact going forward. For that, you must arrange or plan to prevent negative health effects after enjoying the Christmas party.
And now Biogreen Science will give you some tips for staying healthy at Christmas party.
1. It is important to know your limits when drinking alcohol and soda. Keep your body hydrated. The reason is too much alcohol and soda to make you dehydrated and cause lethargy, and hamper your pleasure at Christmas party.
2. Choose high protein foods, such as cheese and eggs. This food slows the absorption of alcohol in the circulatory system.
3. Want to eat snack? Make sure your snacks are healthy like grains and snacks that contain omega 3 fatty acids. So you can party with healthy.
4. And if necessary, take care of your health also by taking additional supplements to keep your body fit. Like Applesc Plus from Biogreen Science. Contain PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica and PhytoCellTecTM Solar Vitis in Applesc Plus help you to activate dormant cells so you have healthy skin that can certainly help your general health.
By not excessively consuming soft drinks and alcohol, choosing foods that have high protein, consuming healthy party snacks will help you maintain health during partying at Christmas.
If necessary you can take additional supplements such as Applesc Plus from Biogreen Science. Additional ingredients in Applesc Plus, ViquaTM and Snow Algae NU will enhance the benefits of previous Applesc. The efficacy of NU Snow Algae can help extend the life of cells in the body as well as ViquaTM which is a super-antioxidant that works up to sub-level levels.
Keep staying tuned to the launch of this revolutionary product in 2018. Do not miss it to get it and feel the incredible efficacy of Applesc Plus.
By knowing the limits of consuming food and drink during Christmas celebrations will certainly have a positive impact on the body. So we can celebrate Christmas with more joy and merrier.
Muhammad Firdaus Soeroto

Muhammad Ruslan Efendi

Nico Arief Jauhari
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