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In this volume 4, our newsletter will discuss about things we should do in home meeting. Home Meeting is really important for our business growth.

Here are some reasons why Home Meeting is required:
1. Home Meeting is very effective because there is a deeper personal touch.
2. There is a duplication process.
3. There is an edification process.
4. Strengthen team work.
5. Easy to be duplicated.

Home Meeting is one of the most effective ways to duplicate your business. This is a presentation done in-house to help you do business presentation to your prospects. There are some things that need to be done in Home Meeting in order to maximize the results. Here are the tips to do Home Meeting:
  1. The most ideal time to do Home Meeting is at night between 7 p.m to 8 p.m.
  2. Home Meeting should be most effectively done in the living room by inviting 5 to 10 people. You also do not need to explain the number of people you invite to your prospects.
  3. Your living room does not need to be changed, and there is no need to book extra seats.
  4. You do not need to serve luxury food. Make a simple presentation that will be easily duplicated by anyone.
  5. Do not serve food if the presentation has not been started or when the presentation takes place because it would interfere the presentation. Place them separately from where the presentation is going.
  6. Mobile phone and telephone must be turned off. Ask your prospect to do the same. Basically, there must be no voices that may interfere the presentation.
  7. Provide the best parking lot for your Upline at that night. If it is necessary, welcome the presenter in front of the house and help your Upline in carrying the bag and other things. If you do this, your prospects will respect and pay attention to the presenter during the presentation.
  8. Start Home Meeting in a timely manner.
  9. As the host, before the presenter come forward to do the presentation, you must come forward first. You have to edify the presenter by using good sentences in brief. Here is an example of sentences to start Home Meeting: "Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, as I have spoken over the phone that this evening you will be presented a business opportunity. And tonight we are blessed to have a very successful and busy person who wants to make time to help us here. Therefore please welcome (the name of your Upline). Let’s give applause."
  10. If you have no experience in edifying or introducing the presenter, you can make a note of the example sentences above and memorize it, or write it in a small piece of paper and read it in the front.
  11. At the time your Upline has already come forward to do the presentation, you have to take a sit in front of the others. It means you have one seat in front as the host. You have to respect the presenter by sitting there, learn the presentation and take a note of necessary things.
  12. After the presentation, the host should come forward to end the presentation and invite your propspects to eat and drink. There is no need to make the presentation in Home Meeting to be too formal. Make your prospects feel as comfortable as possible. As an Upline, you should also help to do the follow up and help assessing the prospects whom you think might join. If you meet the best prospects, approach them, exchange business cards and make appointments for follow up at that night to help the host.
  13. Home Meeting should be performed within 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours. Let the prospects return to their houses and ask for an appointment to meet the next day for follow up.
  14. Once your prospects have got back at home, as the presenter or Upline, you should discuss on what needs to be addressed in the next Home Meeting and tell the host about the prospects whom you think might join in the business.
  15. There are times when you need to end Home Meeting in a proper way, like: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I know that you still have some works to do tomorrow. Therefore, our presentation for this evening has come to end. You may leave this place if you want to." You need to do this since you need to discuss several things with your Upline so that no mistake will be repeated.
  16. Home Meeting should not be done at the same place continuously which would result in the duplication that might become slow. 
*Written by Obert & Sophia
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