Flash News from Gala Premiere Winter in Tokyo with Biogreen Science

Back again with another fun event, Biogreen Science invited all valued members to come and join Gala Premiere "Winter in Tokyo" on Monday, August 1 st , 2016 at CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. The members looked eager and excited to watch the movie adapted from the best selling novel of Ilana Tan, and see the appearance of Applesc in the movie. Before the event started, the members along with Mr. Larry were busy visiting the photo booth to capture the moment in a group photo. A cheery smile spotted on the faces of members who altogether wore Biogreen's t-shirt.

"Winter in Tokyo" the movie is a romantic drama directed by Fajar Bustomi and starring the talented young actors and actresses like Pamela Bowie, Dion Wiyoko, Morgan Oey and Kimberly Rider. The story narrates about the love story of Keiko Ishida (Pamela Bowie), a half Indonesia-Japan woman who is startled by the presence of a new neighbor, Kazuto Nishimura (Dion Wiyoko), who just moves in the next door of her apartment. After spending time and togetherness during winter, the proximity of Keiko and Kazuto has sown the seeds of love in the hearts of both. However, there is a turn of heart and Keiko suddenly chooses her first love, Akira Kitano (Morgan Oey), whom she just meets. The conflict begins when an event happens and makes Kazuto losses his memory, including the memories of Keiko. At that time, Keiko starts to feel that she has just lost Kazuto.

The film gets positive responses from the audiences. "The movie is really exciting. I can't believe Mr. Larry could produce such great movie. There are sad and romantic moments. Plus, our product Applesc appears in the film that made us all excited and couldn't keep ourselves to clap hands when Applesc appeared ," said Jansen, one of the TOP Leaders of Biogreen Science. The members also shared their hope that Biogreen Science, especially Mr. Larry, could make another collaboration in the future. "I am very happy with the appearance of Applesc in the movie. It could be global. I wish it can often show up in other movies along with other products," said Suno, member of Biogreen Science.

As the Executive Producer of the movie, Mr. Larry admitted that he was satisfied with the movie. The Managing Director of Biogreen Science also expressed his hope for Indonesia film industry to be able to develop more and be greater than ever. He also disclosed his upcoming project related to film industry. "As an Indonesian, I'd love to support the creative industries. In the future, if good movies are not supported by the distribution channels, it would hamper the industry development. Therefore, in October, along with my friends we will improve distribution channel of movie industry. Because the larger the distribution channel, the greater the development of movie industry in Indonesia," said Larry. Hopefully, this can be a first step for Biogreen Science and Mr. Larry to develop its business in more broaden aspects.

Check out the preview of Gala Premiere "Winter in Tokyo) 
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