Flash News from Biogreen Science Training (30 - 31 July 2016)

Hallo Biogreeners!
There was unusual thing going on during the last weekend. Precisely on July 30 to 31, 2016 Biogreen Science once again held training "Speak and Grow Rich". Understanding the desperate needs of the members, this training was intentionally designed to provide learning for the participants on how to perform great in a presentation and score brilliant presenters. Led by the gorgeous and energetic MC Rina, and with one of Biogreen’s greatest presenters Aries Hendra Wardhana, this training successfully left a deep impression and knowledge for the participants.

The first day was opened by a brief presentation about company profile from Ms. Rina and continued by the screening of company profile video. In her presentation, Mrs. Rina explained the remarkable development of the company which possesses all things that a company needs: innovative and clinically proven products, profitable marketing plan, and collaboration with large multinational companies, such as Mibelle Biochemistry and Induchem Company. The event then continued with a noteworthy presentation from Aries Hendra Wardhana, who revealed the important tips on how to succeed in performing a table talk presentation, One on One presentation, or presentation at big event like Business Opportunity Preview (BOP).

This presentation was packaged in an interesting and fun way with games and jokes thrown by Mr. Hendra that made participants more eager to follow the presentation. Besides delivering the presentation, Mr. Hendra also gave examples and sample cases to the participants about how to make a presentation convincing and fun so that potential business partners may be interested to join their downline. He stressed the participants to firstly explain superior products of Biogreen Science in a presentation and the plentiful health and beauty benefits. Also, he suggested making the presentation feels more relaxed and deliver it in casual style with jokes tucked in order to build an intimate atmosphere. After finished with product explanation, he began to explain the marketing plan in a simplest and easiest way.

The main event started when each participant was asked to perform a presentation in a group that has been formed before. The participants seemed enthusiastic and confident when delivering the presentation with flipchart. The presentation session was designed to polish the confidence and ability of the participants in doing table talk or One on One presentation. They also shared constructive feedback as well as support to one another after the presentation session over. During this session, the judges were busy evaluating the presenters and determining who would take home the title of the best presenters.

Rolling to the next day, the second day of training was dedicated to witness and assess the performance of the trainees in doing a public presentation as well as selecting the best presenter. Each participant was delivering a 5-minute-presentation in front of dozens of people and also acted as the MC. Each of them delivered the presentation with their own style and it often invited laughter and admiration of those who enjoyed the presentation. Although some of the participants had just recently joined Biogreen Science in a matter of weeks, their presentation skills should be given a standing ovation and a thumbs-up. 

The judges consisting of Aries Hendra, Rudi Muliyono, Kartini Sanusi, and Lussiana Rossi also did not forget to give advice and constructive feedback to the participants so that they can develop their presentation skills. The judges also mentioned important points that should be applied in the presentation, such as eye contact, articulation, appearance, smile, body language, communication with the audience, volume of voice, and a calm demeanor when performing presentation. After going through the assessment process, the judges finally chose the winners; Hermansen was selected as The Most Favorite New Comer Presenter, Yung as The Most Favorite Presenter, Antony as The Runner Up of Best Presenter, and Yance was awarded as The Best Presenter at the training "Speak and Grow Rich".

Magnificently closed with the awarding of training certificates to the trainees and a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Hendra as a symbol of gratitude from Biogreen Science, the training "Speak and Grow Rich" has successfully scored brilliant presenters and provided learning for the newly joining members of Biogreen Science.

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