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Fasting is an act of praying and regarded as one of Five Pillars of Islam. Therefore, we as an Moslem are obligued to perform fasting for 30 days in Ramadhan as our form of gratitude and beliefs of God. Unfortunately, fasting often makes our bodies feel weaker and drop our energy as we abstain from eating and drinking all day long. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of activities and works lining up and waiting for us to be done.

The lack of nutrients and dehydration resulted from 13 hours abstaining from eating and drinking are undoubtedly the major causes of bodies’ decreasing stamina. However, do you know that Applesc product from Biogreen Science can be the best solution for this fasting problem? The innovative product Applesc with its clinically proven active ingredients can boost up your energy and keep you fit during Ramadhan.

The composition of PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica or Uttwiler Spatlauber apple stem cell in Applesc product can accelerate the regeneration process of damaged cells in your body. The regeneration process which takes place inside of your body plays an important role in body’s health. It happens because the high number of damaged body cells can cause illness and decrease body’s performance drastically as well as decreasing your energy and stamina. Looking at this fact, regeneration process of body cells is considered very important to maintain your stamina and body’s performance, especially in Ramadhan where body needs extra energy to keep productive while withstanding thirst and hunger.

Moreover, the active ingredient L-Glutathione in Applesc is also able to boost up your stamina during Ramadhan. The “Master of Antioxidants” is clinically proven to fight free radicals which can trigger the decreasing of body’s function while fasting. The excessive exposure of free radicals makes your body feels tired and drop your immune so that your body can get sick easily. The countless outdoor activities while fasting can increase the frequency of your body exposed to free radicals which are caused by vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke, and UV radiance. However, you do not have to worry anymore because L-Glutathione active ingredient in Applesc acts as your shield to ward off the free radicals so that your body can stay healthy and fit during fasting.

Applesc also contains Ascorbic Acid which is rich of Vitamin C. With high amount of vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid then becomes the largest source of vitamin C in Applesc which offers abundant health benefits for your body. Ascorbic Acid in Applesc has been proven to increase body immune, increase energy, and serves as a great antioxidant so it is highly recommended to be consumed during fasting. Ascorbic Acid in Applesc is soluble in water, so it is very safe for your stomach that it can be routinely consumed during Ramadhan.

With plentiful benefits that Applesc offers, Applesc can be your best friend to get through this holy month and support your kind act of fasting. You can consume Applesc after sahur and iftar to maintain your stamina and optimize the performance of your body during Ramadhan. Stay healthy and productive during Ramadhan with Applesc.  #ramadhanwithapplesc    

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