Dear Biogreeners, here's the glances of Biogreen ACE 2016 last Sunday!

The long-awaited event of Biogreen Science, Annual Celebration Event (ACE) 2016, has finally happened on May 29th 2016 at Hall A JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Biogreen ACE 2016 is the biggest annual event held by Biogreen Science which purpose is to give the highest appreciation for members who have achieved outstanding income and for members who do not stop supporting and striving with Biogreen Science to create a better life for many people.

The annual event which has become the trade mark of Biogreen Science was attended by thousands of loyal members from various regions in Indonesia and all over the world. It was also found that many of non-members filled up the venue as they are curious about the event itself and the success of this network marketing company which has scored 4 innovative featured products and thousands of success stories.

The series of event was started with press conference held at Kerinci 1 room at 11.30 AM. Getting the lead from the multitalented presenter Olivia Marzuki, the speakers of press conference Mr. Larry Widjaja Managing Director of Biogreen Science, Prof. Dr. Sven Gohla Sales Director of Mibelle Biochemistry, Dr. Richard Sutejo Product Advisor of Biogreen Science, and the Brand Ambassadors of Biogreen Science Denny Sumargo and Irwan Chandra gave their best answers regarding Applesc and Bio SC Serum products which have beauty benefits and are clinically proven to fight anti-aging. Many of loyal members of Biogreen Science were also seen in the press conference venue to support and get knowledge about the anti-aging products from Biogreen Science.

After the press conference finished, the series of Biogreen ACE 2016 event moved into the main event preceded by a convoy of VIP and VVIP guests along with Mr. Larry Widjaja who were entering the room lead by Flag Dancers. Biogreen ACE 2016 was then officially opened by the impressive opening speech from the most inspiring man behind thousands of success stories, Mr. Larry Widjaja. In his opening speech, he told the audience his success story, the ups and downs when he first started the business, and about his family who always encourages him to continue progressing and succeed. Mr. Larry also did not forget to share the keys of success for Biogreen’s leaders in order to boost up their spirits and inspire them to achieve a success life with Biogreen.

Biogreen ACE 2016 as a whole event had been extremely lively and successful. The content of the show which varied from informative presentation until spectacular performancea from the guest stars managed to entertain and became the means of product and company’s information for the members of Biogreen Science.

In Biogreen ACE 2016, Prof. Dr. Sven Gohla accompanied by Dr. Richard Sutejo Ph.D explained about PhytoCellTecTM technology and several innovative products from Mibelle Biochemistry. Besides the presentation from Prof. Dr. Sven Gohla, the presentation done by Mr. Larry Widjaja also enlightened the audience with the presentation of company profile, product information, and the projects that Biogreen has been working on.

The spectacular performances from the special guest stars also played an important role in Biogreen ACE 2016’s successful event. The modern dance moves combined with LED technology installed in Forever Dance’s costumes successfully made thousands pairs of eyes amazed with Forever Dance’s performance.

The hit maker Keith Martin, who sang his three romantic songs, also mesmerized the crowds with his soulful voice. Moreover, the powerful appearance from Romy Rafael also managed to make Biogreen ACE 2016 even more successful as well as to provide a new and profound experience for the coming audiences.

The core of the event, which was the conferment procession to the members, became the highlights and the most-anticipated momentum for the loyal members.  Biogreen Science gave the awards for the members who have successfully achieved their goals as a symbol of gratitude and pride for the members who have fought together with Biogreen Science.

There are six categories of members who were to recieve the pin awards: Rookie, Junior Master, Master, Senior Master, Grand Master, and Philanthropist. The pin awards were given by Mr. Ferry Lesmana as Biogreen Science CFO, Mr. Okin Purba as Biogreen Science CEO, and Mr. Larry Widjaja as the Managing Director of Biogreen Science to the member who earned the fantastic achievement in Biogreen Science.

The event of Biogreen ACE 2016 did not stop there. As a form of responsibility and a sense of love to the society, Biogreen Science donated total of IDR 952.000.000 for Kkottongnae Foundation and Bersinar Foundation. Through this donation, Biogreen Science wished to improve people's lives and make Indonesia be a better place for people in need. The donation event which was a part of Biogreen Science’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) closed the series of Biogreen ACE 2016 with thousands of smiles and happiness.


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