The most important thing in building a network business is a foundation.

The foundation is useful for a big network in the long term future. In addition, the foundation also serves to earn passive income, residual income, financial freedom and time freedom.

There are nine 9 foundations you need to learn; edification, no cross lining (do not do cross lining), consultation, reading books, coming to the meetings, listening to cassette and CDs, integrity, commitment, and duplication.

Edification is an award or to provide more value to something or someone. If you have difficulty in convincing people who are close to you like your parents, use edification to help you in building this business. For example, if you want to explain this business to people closest to you, use a third party. The best third party in this case is your upline. Invite your upline that you feel comfortable with, active and has integrity to build this business. Then edify your upline. For example, let's say that your upline is outstanding and has a huge network and commitment in this business. Tell it to your prospects continuously. By edifying frequently, your prospects will have a curiosity about the people you are talking about in this business. When you edify your upline, your prospects will listen well. When you have already edified your upline, and your upline helps you in the home meeting, one on one, or a large meeting, it is better for you to let your upline speak and do not interrupt while your upline is talking. Things that are needed to be edified in network business are edifying upline who are active and understand the principles of networking; edifying downlines who are sucsessful, dedicated in a good way, have integrity and good leadership; edifying cross line; edifying company; edifying product (the advantages of products); and edifying support system.

No Cross Lining
Cross lining is easy to be known but it is not easy to be understood. To understand cross lining takes a fairly long time. Things you need to consider regarding cross lining is by not taking care of other people businesses. For example, you do not need to know your upline income, motivate upline, or interfere in your upline business. Another example of the cross lining is comparing your group with your cross line. The important thing is taking care of your own business first and  then your downlines. There is no need to know other people’s problems or their information.

Consultation is required because you do not know your exact problems in building network business. The person who can see it is your own upline who is active, close to you and knows your business development. Here are the reasons why consultation is important:
1). Consultation will save your time, expenses, and energy.
2). Avoid unnecessary mistakes.
3). This business can be more directed and easier to be done.
The bigger your network, the more you need consultation. It is because more problems are getting worse. By the time you are doing wrong while you have a big network, it will be more difficult to improve. Therefore you need to direct your group properly since the beginning.

There are some tips in doing consultation, which are:
1). At the time of consultation, you ask, not questioning.
2). Consultation is not to ask for approval.
3). If you as an upline still do not understand and doubt about certain things, you should consult and ask to your senior.
4). You are asking for consultation to your upline, not vice versa.
5). Consult to your active upline. Upline who is active in the same system. You have to learn and be sure in just one concept.
6). Consultation is not to lament or complaint but to find a solution.
7). Consultation is to direct group that is growing rapidly.
8). Organize a formal consultation. At the time of the formal consultation, make a list of your dreams, describe the condition of your group, prepare work plans and goals, and do what you have consulted.

You need to read books in order to keep positive minds, learn the experience of others, broaden knowledge, momentum (learning from successful people), seek solutions, learn about relationship and leadership. There is one term regarding this case, "you are who you hang out with and what books you read".

Meeting is useful to maintain the momentum and clean negative things.

Cassette in this case includes CDs and DVDs. Cassette is a tool to help developing the network business.

If you do not have integrity, your business will be easily collapse. Several things that make uplines lose integrity are:
1). Seizing other prospects.
2). Influencing other networks to move out and join other network.
3). Vilifying other network.
4). Vilifying another member.
5). Not being discipline and breaking promises.
6). Not coming to the meetings frequently.
7). Vilifying upline, downline, cross line and the company.
8). Complaining constantly and having negative attitude.

You must be committed to this business, upline, downline, this company and the system you have learnt.

If you want your business to be a long-term network, you must pay attention to this concept. Here are several things that can not be duplicated:
1). Presentation that takes too long. Do the presentation as short and simple as possible.
2). Presentation that is too sophisticated by using of OHP, notebook, tablet and so on.
3). Paying people to join this business.
4). Having luxurious meals before presentation.
What you do in this business should be done by your downlines whoever they are. If you can do that, but it can not be done by your downlines, it can not be called as a duplication. Perform this business and follow those 9 foundations.
You have to strengthen this foundation and learn until you really understand this foundation. Then the financial freedom and time freedom are the only matter of time that become proof that you have a solid network.
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