Hi  Biogreeners, want to know more about BIO SC SERUM?
Bio SC  Serum is the latest superior product of Biogreen Science. Since the official launch in September 2015, this product is hunted and wanted by Biogreen Science lovers, including leader and member of Biogreen. This information product becomes the most wanted one. Therefore, in this edition of Bio Letter, we will explain further about Bio SC Serum.

Bio SC Serum contains six active ingredients which each of them has been clinically tested. The six active ingredients are PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica that palys role in the regeneration of the epidermis, PhytoCellTecTM Argan that plays role in the regeneration of the dermis, PhytoCellTecTM Alpine Rose that maintains the vitality of the skin and protects skin from extreme conditions, PhytoCellTecTM Solar Vitis protects the skin from aging and UV rays as well as DermCom as communication between cells. By the six active ingredients, this serum can be regarded as the best anti-aging serum in the world. These active ingredients even have won several awards, ie. European Cosmetics Innovation Prize 2008 with category Best Active Ingredient, European Cosmetics Innovation Prize 2014 with category Best Active Ingredient, Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in-Cosmetics Europe 2012, Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award in-Cosmetics Asia 2012, BSB Innovation Prize 2012, CPCIA Personal care Ingredients 2012 and Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practices Award.

Bio SC Serum is suitable for all skin types. To make it work maximally, of course you need to know your skin type first, then you can follow the steps properly to use this serum. (For more information about your skin type andhow to use it, you can open the following link: Bio Letter Vol. 3) There are four main steps in the application of this Bio SC Serum. First, do cleansing to cleanse the skin from dirts such as makeup, dust or oil. Then, apply toner to balance skin pH. After that, you can apply serum to your face. The last step is after application. You can apply sunblock or makeup after serum has absorbed into the skin according to your need.

There is a Unique Selling Point (USP) on Bio SC Serum that needs to be mastered. The first USP you need to consider is six active ingredients that have been described previously. There are three elements of skin beauty, ie. the smoothness, firmness and radiance of the skin. Bio SC Serum is able to meet all these three elements. The second USP can be seen from the perspective of legal or law. Bio SC Serum has already had BPOM number. This means, Bio SC Serum is safe to use because it does not contain prohibited ingredients. The last is a clinical test which is the most powerful evidence that cannot be debated since clinical test is a laboratory test that has been verified. These three Uniqe Selling Point are the key in the Product Defense.

These three main information above are important knowledge about Bio SC Serum that should be learned and mastered deeper. This information certainly has several functions, one of which is when you present this product to your potential prospects so that you look serious in presenting this and you can answer their questions better.
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