What are the benefits of doing One on One?
One On One is a presentation you can do anywhere that is generally attended by two people. We recommend that the number of people who attend One On One is no more than 5 people or 5 prospects, because it is considered less effective. Time to do One On One is very flexible. For example, you can do it during the lunch hour in the cafe around. Effectively, One On One is done five times a week, with a minimum of once a week. However of course, the result you gain will be bigger and maximal if you do it more often.

In doing One On One, you also need the help of your Upline or third party. For example, as Downline that is new in this business, you can ask your Upline’s assistance for three weeks. At the time your Upline helps you, make sure you are able to absorb the presentation knowledge which then can be applied independently on the next One On One presentation.

There are some things you need to consider in performing One On One. First, this business should be carried in yourself. You must have a high confidence to this Biogreen business, including the Company and its products. Your belief that this business is the best business needs to be planted within you. Without the belief, you will not perform perfectly. Prospects can read your attitude and posture as well as the way you speak. You also need to understand better about this Biogreen business, including the Company, products and marketing plan. If necessary, you should have already consumed the products, for example Applesc, so you can provide better explanations and testimony about the product.

Furthermore, you also have to neatly dressed. You have to show your prospects that you are representing a business that is worth billions, but can be carried out by all people. At least, avoid the use of sandals. Give your best performance to your prospects. By doing so, they will respect you because the first thing that will be seen by prospects is your appearance.

Another thing to be considered beside your appereance is your posture. Avoid using phone while performing presentation. If necessary, tell your prospects to turn off his phone as well. This is useful so there is no interruption during presentation process. Note also your sitting position. Adjust the position as comfortable as possible, but still looks serious.

Adjust your language when you start the presentation. Get used not to give pause when you have started discussing the business. Do not talk too long. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to present the products and systems. If you take too long, you will make your prospects feel bored so they will not absorb your information better.

Arrange the place for One On One presentation where you feel perfect, in accordance with the agreement with your prospects. Choose a nice place that you feel most comfortable. Choose a seat that is exposed to light or bright. Avoid place that is too crowded. You also need to bring a full set of equipments that may support the presentation. However, do not use equipment that is too advanced.
When you are already face to face with prospects and before starting your presentation, identify your prospects first. Learn the characters, for example by asking your prospect's background. So you can better understand and identify your prospects to make the presentation runs well.

After that you can start your presentation. You can provide the information about the company beforehand. For example, provide knowledge about Mibelle Biochemistry. Then convey information about the product. You can start with Applesc product. If necessary, bring the product and show it to your prospects. Explain the "Unique Selling Point" of this Biogreen products. Next, explain marketing plan of Biogreen Science. Ask your prospects if things are still confusing.

The last, "To see is to believe". If you see then you will believe. Show proof of your Downline or Upline’s incomes. If necessary, show him the Top Leader of Biogreen Science so that your prospects are more convinced to this Biogreen business, and it may result to a big chance of closing.

Happy Networking!
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