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Leader of The Month

Help Others To Create Happiness -- Henda


The Opportunity Taker -- Daniel Yunda Dinatha


The Struggle of A Family Man -- I Nyoman Suardika


Stay Focused, Stay Positive -- Andry Lie


The Impossible is Possible -- I Nengah Adnyana


A Great Mother For A Great Family -- Eva Wahidah


The Triumph of Iron Lady -- Venantia Ingdhayani Wijono


A Journey to Pursue Happiness -- Juni Astuty


A Brand New Perspective -- Dewi Triana


The Inspiring Pioneer -- Jansen Christian


The Risk Taker -- Velisah


The Single Fighter -- Haryanto Wijaya


Foster Others, Grow Together -- Erna Handoko


In Trust, He Rises -- Rudi Muliyono


Venturing Out of Comfort Zone -- Lussiana Rossi


The Remarkable Mother -- Kartini


The Young Money Maker -- Yuwono Chaiyadi